1. Steel Bridge Trio "Different Clocks" (relay 011)
    Steel Bridge Trio

  2. Vox Arcana - "Caro's Song" (relay 010)
    Vox Arcana

  3. Tim Daisy - October Music (Vol 1) 7 Compositions For Duet (relay 009)
    Tim Daisy

  4. Meeting Point (relay 008)
    The Russ Johnson Quartet

  5. "In This Moment" Mikolaj Trzaska & Tim Daisy (relay 007)
    Mikolaj Trzaska & Tim Daisy

  6. The Tim Daisy Trio "A Fine Day In Berlin" (relay 006)

  7. Vox Arcana "Soft Focus" (relay 005)
    Vox Arcana

  8. Jeb Bishop + Tim Daisy Old Shoulders (relay 004)

  9. Daniel Levin + Tim Daisy "The Flower And The Bear" (relay 003) SOLD OUT

  10. tim daisy solo. on the ground 'an amusing mess' (relay digital 004)
    Tim Daisy

  11. Bill MacKay "Chatham Park" (relay new composers 006)
    Bill MacKay

  12. „re-framing I“ for ensemble (2009) by Elisabeth Harnik (relay new composers 005)
    Elisabth Harnik

  13. Schemata and Heuristics for Clarinets #1 By Steve Swell (relay new composers 004)

  14. Reflections On Rhythms (relay new composers 003)
    Timothy Daisy

  15. July Music :: Solo Percussion by Tim Daisy (relay new composers series 002)

  16. Hans- Peter Pfammatter + Tim Daisy "Different Names" (relay digital 002)
    Hans - Peter Pfammatter + Tim Daisy

  17. The Tim Daisy Quartet "Streets In Time" w/ Taylor Ho Bynum - Steve Swell - John Hebert (relay digital 001)
    The Tim Daisy Quartet

  18. Jason Stein & Tim Daisy Alive At Woodland Pattern Book Center (relay live 2014)
    Jason Stein & Tim Daisy

  19. Gloxinia (relay live 2011)
    The Engines + John Tchicai

  20. Jeb Bishop/Nate McBride/Tim Daisy "Type -M" (relay live 2011)

  21. Frank Rosaly + Tim Daisy percussion duo (relay live 2007)


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