1. tim daisy solo. on the ground 'an amusing mess' (relay digital 004)
    Tim Daisy

  2. Steel Bridge Trio "Different Clocks" (relay 011)
    Steel Bridge Trio

  3. Vox Arcana - "Caro's Song" (relay 010)
    Vox Arcana

  4. Tim Daisy - October Music (Vol 1) 7 Compositions For Duet (relay 009)
    Tim Daisy

  5. Meeting Point (relay 008)
    The Russ Johnson Quartet

  6. "In This Moment" Mikolaj Trzaska & Tim Daisy (relay 007)
    Mikolaj Trzaska & Tim Daisy

  7. The Tim Daisy Trio "A Fine Day In Berlin" (relay 006)

  8. Vox Arcana "Soft Focus" (relay 005)
    Vox Arcana

  9. Jeb Bishop + Tim Daisy Old Shoulders (relay 004)

  10. Daniel Levin + Tim Daisy "The Flower And The Bear" (relay 003) SOLD OUT

  11. Reflections On Rhythms (relay new composers 003)
    Timothy Daisy

  12. July Music :: Solo Percussion by Tim Daisy (relay new composers series 002)

  13. Hans- Peter Pfammatter + Tim Daisy "Different Names" (relay digital 002)
    Hans - Peter Pfammatter + Tim Daisy

  14. The Tim Daisy Quartet "Streets In Time" w/ Taylor Ho Bynum - Steve Swell - John Hebert (relay digital 001)
    The Tim Daisy Quartet

  15. Jason Stein & Tim Daisy Alive At Woodland Pattern Book Center (relay live 2014)
    Jason Stein & Tim Daisy

  16. Jacob Wick :: the rain in its avoided effects (relay new composers 007)

  17. Bill MacKay "Chatham Park" (relay new composers 006)
    Bill MacKay

  18. „re-framing I“ for ensemble (2009) by Elisabeth Harnik (relay new composers 005)
    Elisabth Harnik

  19. Schemata and Heuristics for Clarinets #1 By Steve Swell (relay new composers 004)

  20. Gloxinia (relay live 2011)
    The Engines + John Tchicai

  21. Jeb Bishop/Nate McBride/Tim Daisy "Type -M" (relay live 2011)

  22. Frank Rosaly + Tim Daisy percussion duo (relay live 2007)


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